Comic Con 2012: Wreck-It Ralph and The Lone Ranger teaser!

The Mouse House brought three of their upcoming releases to Comic Con this year, including this family/geek friendly animated flick. Plus, a little surprise at the end!

Video game fans and movie geeks in general seem to have enjoyed WRECK-IT RALPH’s recently released teaser trailer, so we wanted to see if more in-depth footage maintained that same buzz. Director Rich Moore, who worked on The Simpsons and Futurama, brought 10 minutes of the movie, as well as John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman!

CLIP: We start with an intro to the title character and his depressing life in the 8-bit world. Most of this was covered in the trailer but the extended version really shows the sharp writing and Simpsons influence. Next, it’s 30 years later and Ralph is at a Bad-Anon support group (also seen in the trailer). There’s various video game villains from Pac Man ghosts to Dr. Eggman to Zangief, who talks of “crushing skulls between his thighs like sparrow’s eggs.” They recite the Bad Guy Affirmation—“Im bad and that’s good.  I will never be good and that’s not bad.”—followed by a great gag I don’t want to spoil.

Then it’s off to the video game central station, where characters can travel to and from their respective games. Here’s where the movie becomes an amazing Where’s Waldo of characters from Chun Li to the Paperboy and everything in between. We also learn that if you die outside your game you don’t regenerate. That’s followed by a quick visit to Jane Lynch’s Heroe’s Duty character and an introduction to Sarah Silverman’s “Candyland meets Mario Cart” game. It’s Sarah Silverman so of course she makes “Hero’s Doody” jokes.

  • The director claims it wasn’t that hard to get the rights to all the characters (ala Roger Rabbit), just a matter of taking the time to call and ask. Reilly: “If you’re the Frogger guy, what else do you have going on?”
  • The one game character they wanted but couldn’t get: Mario (or his brother)
  • Reilly said he enjoyed working in animation, although he also said “I really prefer being employed.”
  • Silverman’s character is named Vanellope von Schweetz and she’s a glitch who’s not accepted in her game like Ralph.
  • And in the most important news of the entire Comic Con, the soundtrack for the Hero’s Duty game will be provided by Skrillex!

Bonus: THE LONE RANGER Trailer!

Finally, Disney brought out a big surprise—the first trailer for THE LONE RANGER. It opens with a bunch of stuff about the rise of railroads and how the new method of travel will control power and the future. Then we get our first glimpse at Johnny Depp’s Tonto and Armie Hammer’s Ranger, followed by lots of quick shots of random action. Most of it focused on Depp and a lot of it seemed to take place on a train. The big line of the trailer came from Jonny Depp with a very traditional sounding Native American accent: “There comes a time kemosabe when good man wear masks.”

It seemed entertaining—looking very big and very expensive. (Not $250 million+ expensive.) Although it did seem like a pretty straight forward action adventure with no hints at anything supernatural. No werewolves yet, folks.


Extra Tidbit: Dennis Haysbert also voices a character in WRECK-IT RALPH, so you know you're in good hands.
Source: JoBlo.com



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