Comic Con: Preview Night Floor Pics!

Greetings comic book enthusiasts, movie fans and everyone else in between! 2013 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL will officially be kicking off starting today then wrapping up on Sunday and the JoBlo team will be here covering the biggest panels, one-on-one interviews with the biggest stars, other large events as well as cool photos and videos from the exhibit floor and much, much more. Each year we work hard to bring you the latest and best coverage possible.

Well folks the Con has officially kicked-off as we end our first night here in sunny San Diego. It was eventful as always and before the massive panels and interviews get under-way, we wanted to give you all an in-depth look at the Comic-Con floor during the preview night event later yesterday. Enjoy all the floor photos below and stay tuned for more coverage coming very soon.

JoBlo.com covers San Diego Comic Con 2013

Extra Tidbit: The one place that you could almost suffocate from the amount of people there are is near the Hasbro section. It's insane!
Source: JoBlo.com



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