Comic Con: Exclusive 1:1 interviews with Kick-Ass 2 stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse (7 mins) and John Leguizamo (9 mins)

JoBlo.com has had the pleasure for the past few years to chat with Christopher Mintz-Plasse. And the fact is that he couldn’t be nicer. With the upcoming release of KICK-ASS 2, we once again sat down for a 1:1 chat with the actor and talked about what we can expect in the sequel. Christopher also caught us up on what is happening with his band The Young Rapscallions. It is always a great pleasure talking to this talented fellow and like you, we are anticipating KICK-ASS 2 which will bust into theatres on August 16th 2013.

The last time Mintz-Plasse's KICK ASS 2 co-star John Leguizamo came to Comic Con was in 1997 for SPAWN. Clearly things in San Diego have changed since then, but the versatile comedian-actor's love of comics hasn't. In our exclusive chat, we explore his KICK ASS "Alfred" character, reminisce on his SPAWN and SUPER MARIO BROS days, and talk about why Jim Carrey is full of it!

Source: JoBlo.com



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