Comic Con: Final fun photo gallery with JoBlo.com crew!

We already posted 3 full-blast photo galleries from this year's Comic Con on our Facebook page (you can check them out HERE, HERE and HERE), but for this last "fun" photo gallery, we've decided to post it all up here, as it features the 7 guys who were in San Diego this year including myself (mostly just there to supervise/drink, mind you), our Editor-in-Chief Paul Shirey (he's the buff one), Eric Walkuski, JimmyO, Jason Adams, Nick Bosworth and our trusty videographer Rusty Eltringham. As per usual, everyone was uber-booked and busy for all 4 days but at the same time, we always try to make time to hang out and swing by a few parties and below are a few examples of just that. Hopefully ya'll enjoyed our coverage this year, which you can continue to check out on our YouTube channel playlist HERE or our continuing coverage on this very website HERE. Till next year!

Sweet panoramic view of the main strip in Diego - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Nice view from hotel room, you can see behind the convention center and the Simpsons carnival set up below - CLICK TO ENLARGE

It's preview night so we need a few drinks to unwind right off the top!

We're ready to take on Comic Con!

Although JimmyO just needs a short rest first...

This is the line-up outside the convention center at 3:30am. Hundreds of peeps sleeping in bags...

The Arrow's not with me this year, so I have to take mirror ceiling selfies of myself

Paul Shirey created some awesome Comic Con JoBlo.com-themed T-shirts again for us this year!

Megan Fox is happy to talk to us and we're happy to talk to her!

JimmyO chillin' with the star of Sharknado 2, Ian Ziering

Wolverine kneels before the crew from Spaceballs!!

This is a bird's eye-view of the festivies outside Petco Park - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The movie BOXTROLLS was there, hawking real insects to eat

Looks yummy, right?

This man's been to war, an insect is nothing to him! ;)


Some of the Expendables showed up on the Comic Con floor. Is that Wesley Snipes?

The very lovely and talented Kelly Hu. We love her!!

Hulk meets Hulk

It's nighttime already, time for our first party on an aircraft carrier

The ladies from Crave Online are hosting the show...

Eric Walkuski and Paul Shirey are pointing at me

Cheers to all my friends!

Some band named MGMT was playing. Kinda trippy...

Walkuski poses with Stephen King's son, writer Joe Hill, a giant of a man!

JimmyO chillin' with Bieber-hater Legolas aka Orlando Bloom

JJ Abrams, take notes, R2 needs a girlfriend, yo...

Walkuski chillin with director Alexandre Aja

Paul runs into screenwriter (and JoBlo.com fan) Simon Kinberg (Mr. and Mrs Smith, X-Men: Days of Future Past) on the Con floor

"My wife says I gotta pick up some Cheez Whiz on my way home..."

Paul Shirey can punch me out in an instant. Three seconds after this pic was taken, I was down for the count.

Nick and Rusty waiting for the next celeb to tape on the press line

Another night, more food and drinks. We work hard but play hard as well!

The Sharknado 2 party for which Tara Reid did not show up, surprise! - CLICK TO ENLARGE

We only received 1 invite to the SIN CITY 2 party, so I had to take a selfie, crap

Are shot glasses really this big in San Diego? Wow. We're hip!

Let the games begin!!

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!!

A drink for all my friends!!

Here's one for ya'll!!

The Avengers cast looking lovely on the Con floor...

The entire gang after their panel...

JimmyO being molested by a zombie wife....

And now it's time for some food/drinks at the awesome Tilted Kilt!

Nick takes his 2-for-1 specials seriously

We don't know what this is but needless to say, we likey!!

We then ended up at some party being DJ'd by L'il Jon...

JoBlo.com Editor-in-Chief Paul Shirey hanging with the coolest geek in Hollywood, Guillermo del Toro!

See ya'll next year!!

Source: JoBlo.com

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