COMIC CON: Hotties Gallery (Part II) featuring Princess Leia, Poison Ivy, a Vampiress, and more!

The second full day at the Comic Con International in San Diego proved one thing: when the clouds go away, the hotties show up in droves. Easily the busiest day at the Con so far also meant a better day for hotties (even better than Hotties Gallery (Part I)), with a plethora of Princess Leia's, Leeloo from THE FIFTH ELEMENT, POISON IVY, and of course... Wonder Woman.

Scroll on down for the hotties (and the notties) and strike back below which one you dug the most!

The "Cops" Hottie

The "Ariel has been hot since day one" Hottie

The "Wonder Woman (Part 1)" Hottie

The "Wonder Woman (Part 2)--yourboobsarehuge" Hotties

The "Batgirl/Supergirl" Hotties

The "Leeloo" Hottie

The "Gold Sequence is the New Black" Hotties

The "My Face Might Be Green But I'm Still Hotter Than You" Hotties

The "Tattooed Poison Ivy is hot but this Scarecrow guy is freaking me out" Hottie

The "Poison Ivy minus Tattoo and creepy Scarecrow" Hottie

The "Angels are Cool When They're Covered in Blood" Hotties

The "Photoshoot" Hottie

The "Mad Hatter never looked so good" Hottie

The "Three Princess Leia's are Better than One" Hotties

The "Two Princess Leia's are Better than One" Hotties

The "Side-Boob Princess Leia' is Better than No Side-Boob" Hottie

The "Bikini Wax works on Vampires Too" Hottie

The "Return of the Green Hornet Hotties" Hotties

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