Comic-Con remains in San Diego through 2015. Hurray?

There had been much consternation over the past year regarding Comic-Con's potential move out of San Diego. Would it move to Anaheim? Las Vegas? New Jersey?? OK, I was the only one pushing for the past option (it would totally work!), but Las Vegas and Anaheim were making a serious push to steal away the lucrative convention. But San Diego die hards can breathe easy - Comic-Con is going nowhere.

Comic-Con has struck a three-year extension on their contract with the City of San Diego that will keep the massive pop culture clusterf*ck at its current home through 2015.

Both Comic-Con and city officials are keeping mum on exactly what turned the tide in favor of staying in San Diego but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest MONEY. It's also likely that more hotel rooms will be offered to the many attendees (passes to the actual event are capped at 125,000 but thousands more are hanging around at off-site events).

This year there were some changes that, at least on my end, were worth a shot and I'm happy to see all parties involved at least trying new things. My only suggestion (and I think my fellow drunken colleagues will support me on this one) is to keep bars open past 1am!

So are you happy that Comic-Con is returning to San Diego? Frankly I think it's the best option out of any of the other suggestions (Las Vegas...OK? but geez how effin hot would it be in the dead of summer?).

Extra Tidbit: I can't wait until 2013 when we start these discussions all over again. PSST - New Jersey!
Source: THR



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