Comic Con: Riddick Hall H Panel with Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff and David Twohy

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Since the first PITCH BLACK film came out in 2000 when I was a mere 13 years old, I have absolutely loved the character of Riddick and see him as being one of the all-time greatest anti-heroes. His need to piss off authority, let nobody fuck with him and yet always help those who are weaker or in need is what I love the most about the character. So when they announced a new film, I was ecstatic and everything I've seen so far from the trailers makes me think we're in for quite a show come September. For now though, Vin and the gang traveled to Hall H this week and below is what happened during it.

The panel opens with director David Twohy entering the stage, very excited for the panel. He gets the crowd excited as he introduces two clips/trailers featuring Vin Diesel and Katee Sackhoff. Very R-rated stuff which was awesome and can be seen at the end of the article.

After the clips are done, both Vin and Katee enter the stage. David jokingly said that he told Katee to either show up wearing something hot or not show up at all. Of course though Katee shows up in a sexy dress.

They immediately jump to questions after a minute given the short amount of time as the first question is directed at Vin and why he loves the character so much. Vin answers that he loves the incredible anti-hero within Riddick and the fact that nobody can mess with him or his principles.

The next question is to Katee as she's asked what it's like to be seen as such a massive sci-fi icon (Kara in "Battlestar Galactica") to which she smiled saying that sci-fi fans are absolutely the most loyal fans ever and would even pay to see things that they should maybe get their money back for.

Another fan asks Katee about her character's weaknesses in RIDDICK to which Katee replied there really isn't any given that she's a trained mercenary and can more than hold her own alongside the other male mercs.

The next question is related to Vin's involvement with Dungeons & Dragons and Vin had quite a passionate and excited response on his love of being involved in the past.

As we saw from the new trailer earlier, Riddick does spend time with the Necromongers as he was shown doing at the end of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK and Vin confirmed that RIDDICK honors both CHRONICLES and PITCH BLACK.

Vin then addresses the matter of the rating for the film as in the beginning it was to be PG-13 which he deemed to be out of the question for this new installment and they struggled very hard with the studio to get an R-rating despite the film not having a huge budget. In the end though it was the voice of the fans online wanting an R-rating that helped them convince the studio that it was the right way to go.

The next fan comes up and is very shy but asks if Vin's fight scenes come natural to him. She then wished him a happy birthday and he replied very nicely and called her beautiful which made the audience cheer. The fan right after asked how he can be as badass as Vin is and Vin smiled saying the fact that he's up here asking the question with confidence makes him a badass already.

And of course the big finale question was how he was involved with Marvel. The audience tried to cheer him on for more info but he hesitated and smiled saying that there will be a big announcement most likely at the end of the month.

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Extra Tidbit: I seriously think Katee Sackhoff remains a very underrated hottie.
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