Comic Con: The World's End Hall H Panel with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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How's this for a slice of fried gold? When I tell you I'm a massive Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost fan, that;s really putting it lightly as I worship the combined talent of these gentlemen ever since the release of the now classic SHAUN OF THE DEAD. It has been a 9 year journey for the group ever since Nick and Edgar first came to Comic-Con in a much smaller room to screen the film and the rest is now history. Today the three of them were hailed as kings as they entered Hall H and below is what happened:

They start it off by mentioning how they find it rare that surprises aren't spoiled these days in films when asked about it.

The first question from the audience: Can you please stop making me wait so long? There was a lot of laughs when Simon explained that they're so busy which led to a running joke of them naming eachother's movies like STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS for Simon to get the crowd cheering.

The next question was who do they consider to be very funny personally? Simon mentioned being a big fan of Lonely Island (a comedy music group), Parks and Recreation, Louis C.K. and a bunch more going back to their childhood.

The next question asked whether or not there's a great deal of improv or do they in fact follow the script closely? Simon immediately went into professional mode as he said that they don't fuck around as certain cuts have to run in a certain progression to work and they rarely deviate to make sure it works in the final cut.

Suddenly a fan from the audience famously known now as the "Button Lady" came up and said she didn't actually have anything to ask Edgar, Simon or Nick to which Simon hilariously replied "Fuck you Button Lady" and the audience roared in laughter. Shen then asked about the hectic schedule of Martin Freeman with THE HOBBIT as Edgar and Simon explained that he was still filming scenes when HOBBIT was releasing worldwide and he was on the press tour.

A fan asks what were the most difficult scenes to shoot overall in the films? Simon starts to explain the fight scenes involved with THE WORLD'S END and also the ending of HOT FUZZ that were very difficult at times. He mentioned that he actually fractured his wrist during THE WORLD'S END while doing a stunt and had to wear a special cast for a while afterwards. Edgar and Simon also mentioned they created a new style of fighting called "Pub-Fu".

The next question asks about SHAUN OF THE DEAD being the evolution of the main character, HOT FUZZ being about de-evolution and finally THE WORLD'S END being about revolution. Simon went in-depth saying that this was the case where Shaun evolved into a hero, Nick Angel de-evolved into an insane and violent lawman and his newest character combines many character elements in a special way. When it turned to Nick, he said he had nothing to add to Simon's eloquent answer leading to big laughs.

When asked what all three actor's consider to be their favourite film that they were in, Edgar said THE WORLD'S END because of the fun and challenges, Simon said the same thing and Nick loved playing Ed in SHAUN OF THE DEAD the most because back then playing that character wasn't much of a stretch for him. Nick mentioned that his new action nickname is "The Pink Hulk" as he loses it in THE WORLD'S END while wearing a pink shirt.

The next question asked whether or not they would one day revisit their hit TV series SPACED? Edgar and Simon agreed that they most likely wouldn't as they were very happy with the final outcome and didn't want to risk ruining it by trying to add more, just leave it alone the way it is. Nick laughingly said "they couldn't fucking afford me now anyway."

After the last question Edgar said they had a cool clip to play which was a new megamix by Mike Relm featuring all three films. It was very well put together and generated a lot of energy with the Hall H crowd. They said it should be released online very soon.

The next fan came up asking if they actually go too British for us over here in their films? All three laughed as Simon explained that they're in fact teaching Americans new ways to swear with every film so we should all be grateful.

Button Lady now returns for another question which is immediately laughed off as she's seen with another person close by that looks like Machete. Simon and the gang start talking about how awesome it would be to see a Machete vs. Button Lady fight.

One fan asks that with all the beers in THE WORLD'S END, what in fact is each actor's favorite beer? Edgar laughed saying that he just wants some red wine at the end of the day cause he has spent all day filming in pubs so beer is the last thing he wants.

The next question was a fan asking how to get started in the business and Edgar got very serious saying just go out and shoot something, put it online and go from there. They mentioned that it's very important to ignore YouTube comments as they're "pure poison" and that one day Button Lady would rise and kill all the YouTube trolls resulting in massive applause.

The final question came from a very nervous fan as she asked for some advice on what to write about for her films? Edgar gave great advice saying that you should write about what you love, not about what you think people will love. This will create a voice for yourself and create a new realm of fans.

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