Comic Con: Legendary booth experience with Crimson Peak, Warcraft, & PacRim!

We had the chance to get a sneak peek at Legendary's booth at Comic Con this year and they've got a nice batch of things lined up for fans, including a peek into Guillermo del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK, an immerseve Jaeger pilot experience with Oculus VR technology, and a preview of the weapons of Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT! The first thing we witnessed was the CRIMSON PEAK Gothic Gallery, which is a museum-like replication of the haunted house set from the film, which highlights the unique and intricate props used in the film, each of which have a hand in the overall story. del Toro was on hand to speak with us about the film and shared some great insight into just what CRIMSON PEAK is all about.

On how he would categorize CRIMSON PEAK:

A hardcore gothic romance. Any gothic romance you get a supernatural element to it, a scary element to it, a romance element, a thriller element and more than anything it’s a true dark fairy tale type of visuals that permeate the whole enterprise. The movie is divided into two episodes; America and Europe. So America is very much turn-of-the-century America; Tobacco, gold, life, noise, telegraph poles, telephone poles…and then you go to England, to this house, and it becomes really quite the gothic piece.

On how long it took to create the Legendary booth experience:

It took us 5 weeks to design it alone. And we worked on the Oculus experience and this to make it two pieces that you can feel are currated and that come from me to fans. I’ve been on this for 5-6 weeks after June. We built it. We scaled it down for the house. Everything is done just for this. I supervised how the props were arranged; make sure that they tell the story. The sound, the design, the visuals that you see on all the screens.

On the inspiration for CRIMSON PEAK:

"It was Inspired by all the great gothic romance. It can be something as tangential as Great Expectations or something as hardcore as …Wuthering Heights. I really wanted, sort of an anti-romance/romance movie and have ghosts. We do have ghosts. The ghosts are very scary but I think that the humans are scarier than them. Hopefully, people will have a good time.

Afterwards, we suited up with for the PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER PILOT Oculus VR technology, which is described as "a fully-realized Jaeger Combat Simulator"  and allows users to "experience what it feels like to pilot a 250-story robot." After strapping on the headset and headphones, you are immersed in a virtual reality environment that allows you to move your head in 360 degrees and experience everything as you would see it as a Jaeger pilot. It was a short, but sweet VR experience and was a really cool picture into where the technology is headed (especially for video games).

In addition to those goodies, Legendary also had on display the weapons from director Duncan Jones' adaptation of the popular Warcraft gaming series, WARCRAFT, and also revealed the title treatment for the flick (see below).

The weapons on display are described as:

A savage orc weapon unleashed in the name of the Horde

Dragon Sword
This gleaming blade is wielded in the name of the Alliance

Lion Shield
Symbol of the strength of Azeroth

Overall, some really cool stuff from the Legendary folks, who continue to up their game and push out some great content at Comic Con, as well as offering a fan experience that literally puts you in the path of their upcoming flicks. We'll have more from Guillermo del Toro (including exclusive interviews) and Legendary when their panel debuts on Saturday, July 26th (oh yes, we'll be there).

Source: JoBlo.com



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