COMIC CON: Where's Jigsaw?

Hello Comic-Con, I'd like to play a game. Up until now you've spent year after year showcasing the year's biggest Hollywood films for a chance to score points with the fanboys and the comic book geeks that kick-started this tiny convention some 40 years ago. You play to the STAR WARS crowd and the TWI-hards equally, and no one appreciates it more than the hundreds of thousands of pop-culture fanatics that attend the convention each year.

The Con as you know it this year is different. While last year a possessed doll hit the floor (and the bars) and partied with the staff of JoBlo.com, this year... I, Jigsaw, will be tagging along with the JoBlo crew. I will also try and drink both Podcast hosts Jim Law and Ammon Gilbert under the table with a plethora of High Life tall boys and Dick's Last Resort debauchery.

Can you find me in crowd of frenzied fanboys (of comics and movies alike)? Scroll on down and search each pic carefully. Play the game that will no doubt captivate the thoughts and the minds of JoBlo readers everywhere. Where's Jigsaw? The question's out there. The game is set. Make your choice.

He's hitching a ride in Ammon's Jack Bauer bag.

He's chilling out in line to get into the Con along with everyone else.

He's getting Terminated by a Terminator.

He's finding out what happened to Indiana Jones.

He's mackin' on some chick, but doesn't realize that she's a zombie yet.

He's hanging out in the arms of this giant bastard.

He's hanging out with Star Trek's version of the T-1000.

He's hanging out in line to use the flippin' bathroom.

He's finding sweet relief after standing in line for 3 hours.

He's back at the room, drinking Gin with Johnny Moreno.

He's entering a world of pain by drinking Gin and High Life.

He's now shitbombed and partying on Jim Law's slightly-scorched dome.

He's drinking (a lot) at Dick's Last Resort.

He's hanging out with JoBlo Movie Podcast hosts Jim Law and Johnny Moreno.

He's totally partied out. But it's all good, cause he had a blast at Comic Con 2010!

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