Updated! Comics on TV: FX's Powers pilot gets a Punch and a Patric, Showtime shoots 100 Bullets

UPDATE: Deadline says that Jason Patric (THE LOST BOYS, NARC) will star as lead detective Christian Walker in FX's pilot for POWERS. Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights", SUPER 8) was previously pursued for the part.

June 21, 2011: While we don't cover much TV news, these items may be of interest given their comic origins and genre appeal. First, writer/producer and comic adapter David Goyer (BLADE, BATMAN BEGINS) is working on bringing the acclaimed DC/Vertigo modern noir book 100 BULLETS to Showtime.

The intricate (and occasionally meandering) 100-issue comic series from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso follows a mysterious man with unknown motives as he reactivates “sleeper” agents called Minutemen for a conflict with a shadowy organization known as the Trust. Goyer will write and exec produce the potential cable series.

Meanwhile, FX is pushing forward with their adaptation of prolific comic writer Brian Michael Bendis' superhero crime comic POWERS.

Lucy Punch, whose name seems fitting for a superhero project (she could be a cohort of Harley Quinn), will star in the pilot as Deena Pilgrim, a detective investigating murders in a world of superheroes. Her partner Christian Walker is uniquely qualified for the job, as he was one of the "capes" before losing his powers.

Michael Dinner ("Justified") is directing the pilot. Punch also appears in this week's BAD TEACHER, although Pegg/Frost/Wright fans will recognize as the actress with the annoying laugh in HOT FUZZ.

Extra Tidbit: A PS2/Xbox videogame adaptation of 100 BULLETS was in the works several years ago but got canceled when publisher Acclaim went under.
Source: Deadline



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