Coming to America 2?

There are plenty of unnecessary sequels to Eddie Murphy movies. NUTTY PROFESSOR 2. BEVERLY HILLS COP 2. DADDY DAY CAMP. The list could go on and on. And now you can add to that list COMING TO AMERICA 2. Before we get into analyzing what a ridiculous idea this is, let me first explain. Alcon Entertainment is developing BACK TO AMERICA, a comedy that would star Martin Lawrence as a working class guy from Queens who discovers he is the heir to the throne of an African country and he travels to claim his birthright. Nowhere in the announcement is a mention of COMING TO AMERICA so I suppose it's not a technical sequel but c'mon. It's COMING TO AMERICA in reverse! The guy is even from Queens! It's called BACK TO AMERICA! And if I had to guess, Martin Lawrence will also play multiple characters in the film. Maybe Eddie Murphy will have a cameo and Martin's character will actually be the heir to Prince Akeem. Hell bring back King Jaffe Joffer just for the hell of it! Louie Anderson, Samuel L. Jackson, get the whole crew back together!

Extra Tidbit: "This is beautiful. What is it? Velvet?"
Source: Variety



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