CON: Behind-the-scenes of the Walking Dead video game!

There are plenty of first-person shooter style video games out there and especially enough FPS zombie games that when Telltale Games sat down to create a "Walking Dead" video game, they didn't want to replicate that genre. Instead they've created something much different.

Staying very true to the Robert Kirkman graphic novels, the episodic game will follow a new character, Lee, and a set of peripheral characters from the books set in the same "Walking Dead" universe. The game won't require you to be quick with a shotgun or duck behind cover, but will require you to make some very tough decisions along the way (very much like the characters would have to).

The game also features a very beautiful ink and watercolor style aesthetic that harks back to the artists in Kirkman's books. We caught up with Telltale at Comic-Con where they walked us through some of the game and we got to ask some questions of our own.

Source: JoBlo.com



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