CON: Feed Your Fear

While wandering around the Con floor on preview night, I stumbled across something that reeked "totally awesome," and I think my horror-loving friends will agree. Fox Home Entertainment and MGM have teamed up to release a buttload of horror Blu-rays, and to pimp out this union, they busted out with a pretty cool booth called... FEED YOUR FEAR!

So what the hell is Feed Your Fear all about? The set up is simple: multiple electric chairs are lined up on a stage. You sit in, they strap you down, then slap some virtual reality headset/goggle/headphone thing to your face and flash a shitload of horror images to either get you pumped, gross you out, or make you totally insane.

As a huge horror fan, this booth was a totally awesome experience for me. Think of a string of clips from all of your favorite horror movies, including CHILD'S PLAY, THE OMEN, MISERY, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, HANNIBAL, JEEPERS CREEPERS, and even some that are coming at us for the first time, like WRONG TURN 3, where all the clips feature the bloodiest, nastiest "money shots" from each film. Sledgehammer to the ankle? How about eating brains for dinner? There was enough blood, death, gore, and horror in the 2 minutes that I was strapped onto this thing to make me one happy horror loving fiend.

The sound was also pumped through the chairs (at least the bass), so with with every stab of the knife or swing of the axe, not only did I see it... but I felt it too. Basically, it was a wet dream come true for me. Many times booths like this are just 'ok' or simply a gimmick to suck you in and waste your time, but Fox/MGM delivered the goods and then some. But there are plenty of other cool things the Con floor has to offer... stick around for more coverage of the Con as we bring it your way!

Is that a Chucky in your lap, or are you just happy to see me?

Extra Tidbit: Look for more Chucky in and around the Con in the days to come....
Source: JoBlo



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