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I know what you're saying to yourself: "Didn't the f*ckin' Comic Con end like a week ago, dude?" Yeah, it did, but unfortunately/fortunately for us we had so much cool shite from this year's event that it took us over 10 days to report it all! According to the FEEDBACK we received over the weekend though, you guys really dug what we did, so that's the most important thing. Even though the Arrow and I did our share of work this time around (the THOMAS JANE piece, for example, or our super SUPERBAD evening), it was up to the new clan of JoBlo-nites to kick it up a gear this year and in that respect, things went pretty damn awesome. On a personal note, it was just great to meet all the cool people who make up the site. Fun/professional peeps across the board.

Jenny did her part by interviewing pretty much everyone we could get in front of a camera (the 300 RED CARPET, for example and all studio interviews -- a big THANK YOU to all the studios who put us in lines with the "off-line media", good stuff, folks!), Moreno did his part with the panels, his 1:1 with Richard Kelly and his infamous PIECE OF ASS video, Law did the panels as well as the COSTUMED HOTTIES piece and Mike Sampson, the man who will become a bigger part of this site very soon (stay tuned for more on that), managed to manage it all very well for us all. Oh yeah, it was also sweet to hang with JimmyO for the first time (he conducted all of our DEATH SENTENCE interviews) and Jason Adams as well. 

I say all this because as I pointed out in the WEBMASTER PANEL on Sunday, it's important for people to note that there are a LOT of folks who work on our sites (just click on the CONTACT US section sometime and check out all the good folk), so it's important to acknowledge their contributions and hard work. All that said, the pics below are essentially just us "letting loose" and partying it up after all the work was said and done. I will eventually try and put together a WRAP-UP piece that will allow you to surf across our entire coverage (click on INTERVIEWS to see that in the future), but until then, just scroll down the left-hand side HEADLINES column and click on anything BLUE that starts with the word CON for everything we did. For previous CON PICS, click HERE #1, HERE #2 or HERE #3.

Phew! I think that's it for this year, folks. Glad you dug it, thanks to everyone who helped make it happen and kudos to all the schmoes who stopped by and said "Hey!" to us. Was great to meet you all and we hope that many more of you will make the trip out there next year. The Con itself wasn't "all that" in terms of movie coolness this year (how WB didn't show anything DARK KNIGHT or I AM LEGEND related is beyond me!), but that's only part of the fun at the Con, as you could probably tell by some of our reports. Laters.

Stuck in an elevator with the JoBlo.com crew...never a good thang!

And look who we run into coming out the elevator: director James Wan!!

A trip without nachos (even colored up as they were) ain't a real trip

Masters of the Web or Master Baters? You decide!!

That's right, "Entertainment Tonight", we have her and she's here to stay! (or until you make her an offer she can't refuse, that is)

This REALLY HAPPENED, folks. The ladies at the Webmaster's Party asked us to SPANK them!! It might've been one of the greatest moments of my adult life...

...or until they asked the Arrow to whip them with his belt!!!
Wow! Great ladies!!!

Jenny, Jim Law and Johnny Moreno taking a quick pic with...
Frank F*ckin' Miller!!!


My doctor's gonna kill me

I'm pretty sure the Arrow spent more time with a drink in his mouth during this trip than without! A new record!

I'm consistently amazed at the number of scantily clad women at these parties, and even more amazed at how fast they disappear from my side after the pictures have been taken!!

Yeah, that's right, it's the star of TV's "Heroes" and the upcoming PATHOLOGY, Milo Ventimiglia, calling Mike Sampson's wife up at 2am to say "Hey!". How cool is this guy??

And speaking of cool dudes (and dudettes), Rosario Dawson was nice enough to pose with our man Johnny Moreno at our hotel bar one evening. Don't they make a lovely couple?

"I still can't believe he called my wife up...that's so cool."

The man, the myth, the Jane!

The co-writer/director of CRANK, Mark Neveldine confirmed to us that CRANK 2 is a "go" and that the great Jason Statham will be back on board! If you're asking HOW they're gonna do that with Statham's character...stay tuned!! :)

The man who interviewed hundreds of celebrities for JoBlo.com over the years, Thomas Leupp (in the glasses), comes by for a drink!

Two very hot and adorable girls!!

One very hot and adorable girl...alongside me and Jenny

The Hooters nachos!! Surprisingly.....GOOD!!


I paid $5 for this pic, so you're darn right I'm gonna put it up! I don't remember her name (Tiffany Taylor, apparently....thanks to the schmoe who sent that in), but she was a Playboy playmate and I was a Playful moron.

The two veterans of the online game...coming up to a decade now!

The new breed: Jim Law, Johnny Moreno and alcohol

JimmyO swings by for some chill time with the Arrow

The Arrow still amazed at the number of hot chicks at these parties!

Jenny alongside one of my own teen idols:
Dee Snider, singer of Twisted Sister!!!

aNd ThAt's abOUt it FoR THiS YEar, folKS!!! PEA-ACE!

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