CON: Pee-wee Herman!

He was a late edition to the Comic Con this year but that didn't stop Pee-wee Herman from showing up and taking over Hall H. A surprise to many of the attendees, Pee Wee took the stage to talk as little as possible about the forthcoming new film with Judd Apatow and basically make fun of everything thrown his way. Dude owned the audience with quick wit and self-appreciation but got away without doing the "Pee-wee" dance. Here's a quick rundown of the panel after the pic.

  • -The studio was reading the script to the new film as he spoke to the crowd. The Apatow name has a lot to do with the fact that's it even getting made.
  • -It's going to be another road movie as Apatow wanted to keep it as close as possible in feel to PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE.
  • -The script was written by Pee-wee and Paul Rust, of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.
  • -Twisted Sister will not be making an appearance in the movie.
  • -Pee-wee constantly hears stories about how much Large Marge scarred his fans for life.

  • -Pee-wee says he owns 600-800 grey suits and that he throws them away whenever they get wet because they're made of paper.
  • -He was upset when his voice was removed from Star Tours, the motion simulator located at various Disney parks. When asked by the crowd he shouted one of the lines he used to say during the ride, "R2, light speed to Endor!"
  • -He has no idea how many licks it takes to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop.
  • -The house he filmed NICE DREAMS in with Cheech & Chong is now owned by Johnny Depp and once was lived in by Bela Lugosi.
  • -He was always very grateful of how lenient the censors at CBS were when it came to his show. The only thing they ever asked him not to do was to put a pencil in a potato.

  • -Some of his favorite non-Pee-wee roles are from MYSTERY MEN, BLOW, and LIFE DURING WAR TIME, the sequel to HAPPINESS.
  • -Pee-wee was leaving the Con and going directly to The Alamo to film an episode of Top Chef.
  • -At the end of the presentation Pee-wee kind of broke character to give a heartwarming thanks to all his fans. He says he didn't have a chance back when he was filming the show to have this kid of interaction and it meant a lot to him to get out and meet his fans.
  • -The word of the day was "Comic Con".
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