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By now, some of you have certainly read all, most or none of our SAN DIEGO COMIC CON coverage reports (check out the links below if you haven't, you bitch!), so consider this the final piece of our trip, the 5th annual JoBlo.com Californi-ay Photo Gallery (see previous galleries here: Year One / Year Two / Year Three / Year Four).

There are 3 pages worth of pics this year, so make sure to click through all of them (if you give a shit, that is), since we've got some nice ones going on this year including those of/with Tom Cruise, Guillermo del Toro, Naomi Watts, the Hulk, Jennifer Tilly's boobs, us drunk (natch), Stormtroopers galore, Frank Miller, George Lucas kicking my ass and many more. It was yet another fun year on the West Coast...kudos to all the cool peeps with whom we hung, spoke and drank...and hope that you all enjoyed the coverage as well.

Alien Vs. Predator / Batman Begins / Blade: Trinity / Boo & Cemetery Gates / Constantine / The Devil's Rejects / Donnie Darko (Director's Cut) / Fantastic Four / Friday the 13th / The Grudge / Hellboy (DVD) / Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle / The Incredibles / Open Water / Resident Evil: Apocalypse / Riding the Bullet / Saw / Seed of Chucky / Shaun of the Dead / Sin City / Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow / Star Wars: Episode III / Team America

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Let's get this party started...

If you think this picture is pathetic, you should see my friggin' room..

This is what happens when you act like a jerk when we're asking you questions for the site, Mr. Astin...

A comic con isn't a comic con without a Stormtrooper of some sort making an appearance. And yeah, that's Indiana Sev's finger doing the nasty...

Very cool Hellboy goodies at the Sideshowtoy.com booth...

If you look closely, you can actually see the dollar signs lighting up in these characters' eyes...

Hand to God, I've got that same shirt at home. The only difference is that the shirt on the pic above belongs to Richard Kelly, the genius who wrote DONNIE DARKO, while my shirt belongs to me...the penis who wrote RIPCRUISE and SKOOL!

I wouldn't fuck with this guy to save my kid...if I had a kid, that is. Kane "Jason" Hodder.

The Arrow points at a man who goes by the name of James Marshall...also known as the star of the original GLADIATOR!

Yeah, we didn't think he needed to be at an autograph Con either, but there he was...Ernie Hudson, ladies and germs!

A man grabbing his nuts.

Boba fuckin' Fett. 'Nuff said.

Hot chicks + The Arrow = fun times

A comic con isn't a comic con until you run across your first Darth Vader made completely out of Lego...

Look closely and you'll see none other than the Hulk (aka Lou Ferrigno) pulling his satchel behind him. That's right...his satchel...

Another year, another visit to Hooters, another attempt to grab boob, another slap in the face, another picture to prove that we're perverts.

I couldn't decide whether these guys were either the biggest nerds in the free world or the coolest dudes, and I decided that they were ultimately somewhere in between. More on the "nerds" side though.

The Arrow hangs with horror Netizens Brad from Bloody-Disgusting.com and Heidi from PrettyScary.com. Cool folks.

Indiana Sev gives us his opinion of the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR movie

Lick and you shall receive...

There's too much light in my eyes...I can't see. Either that or we're both completely blitzed.

A drink to all my friends...

Indiana Sev tries to skimp on a check...

Me cheating on my nachos.

Hanging with a schmoe from the site...EBastard in the hizzouse!!

The end of a very long first day, i.e. a drunk man.

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