CON: Pineapple INTs

The day the PINEAPPLE interviews took place was insanity. We had two movies on the same press line at the same time and another movie that we had to cover while all this was going down. It was the proverbial madhouse, if you'll excuse the antiquated expression. But as Mr. Pink says, 'we're professionals' and we managed to get everything, though as you'll notice, I had to begrudgingly bail on great men Judd Apatow and Danny McBride, as I was covering another flick's interviews.

That said, Jenny covered my ass and did a damn fine job, as per usual. It was great to talk to writer Evan Goldberg about his writing process with Seth Rogen and finally talk to Rogen one on one (they grouped us with other reporters for ZACK AND MIRI) about bringing hard R comedies back, the very chill David Gordon Green about directing a big budget action/stoner comedy movie and how the great James Franco feels about doing comedy again after the SPIDER-MAN flicks.

Judd Apatow and Danny McBride

Seth Rogen

James Franco and Amber Heard

Writer Evan Goldberg and Director David Gordon Green

Source: JoBlo.com



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