CON: The Wrap-Up (2006)!


Another year of massive San Diego Comic Con coverage has ended on JoBlo.com (well, not completely, we're still gonna post some 1:1 interviews that we conducted over there) and it was, as per usual, quite hectic, loopy, but most of all...fun! It was nice to meet more of you than usual this year, and hopefully more and more of you will show up as the years go by. This truly is an event for all movie nerds to attend at least once in their lifetime!

As per most of our convention stuff on the site, we really want to know what you guys thought of our coverage, so please use the FEEDBACK FORM below to let us know what you liked and didn't like about it all, so that we can keep focusing on the good shit in the years to come. We've put together all of the pieces of our coverage below, including some of the new "video stuff" this year. So what did you like the most? Our pictures? Our interviews? Our panel coverage? Should we cover more stuff? Less stuff? Would you like to see stuff up sooner? Is everything perfect as it is? Talk to us!

I did happen to catch one movie while I was at the Con this year, as I was lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of Darren Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN and seeing as it was one of the films that I was most looking forward to this year, I was a little nervous to check it out. That said, I loved it (no surprise), especially its visuals, its acting and its directing. The story was ultimately a little more complicated than my little brain could handle, but in a good way! (made me want to see it again). It's like a sci-fi, romance puzzle!

I did wanna smoke some weed during my screening though, and I think that anyone who sees the movie, will know what I'm talking about, in that respect. Anyway, can't say much more about it, as I'm "embargoed" by the studio, but for anyone who gives a shit, I really dug the film. Other than that, 300 and GRIND HOUSE are two other flicks that I'm really looking forward to seeing, as well as stuff like SNAKES ON A PLANE, PAN'S LABYRINTH and BORAT (even though I've already seen the latter two).

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