CON: Titanic in 3D!

Hey everyone, still in San Diego and diving into yet another hectic day and evening of drinking and movie coolness at the Comic Con. Last night's Director's Panel with Peter Jackson and James Cameron was one of the cooler panels so far for me, mostly cause the two are movie gods in my book.

Anyway, during the panel, Cameron dropped this little bit of information: he's "dimensionalizing" TITANIC! That is, he's bringing TITANIC back to the big screen in 3D!

While it'll take at least another year of work trying to get it done, he's already done some of it and he says that it looks amazing. But what parts? From what it sounded like, and if it's gonna take a year to do it, I think the ENTIRE movie will be in 3D, even the first half, which is just a mushy romance. And why not? The Titanic itself would be cool in 3D, before, during, and after it sinks! I can't wait!

If you love this new 3D bandwagon, prepare to go berserk when Jack and Kate try to survive the unsinkable ship the second time around... in 3D!

To check out the full panel, head THIS WAY. Now back to the Con.

Extra Tidbit: TITANIC's cool and all, but I think I'd rather see ALIENS in 3D. What about you?
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