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You know you're gonna have a good time if you have directors Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Zack Snyder, and Frank Miller all in the same room together, and they sure didn't dissapoint when they all came out for Entertainment Weekly's panel of Visionary Filmmakers, featuring two funny-ass motherf*ckers and two other funny-ass motherf*ckers.

Once the directors came out and the dialog started flowing there was an endless amount of dick jokes... I mean seriously, the cock jokes never seemed to run out--I wasn't complaining, these guys are funny and so are dick jokes! This may have been one of the most rewarding of all the panels, mostly because of the hilarity that ensued, and also because I'm a huge fan of all the directors of the panel. From CLERKS to KNOCKED UP to 300 and part of SIN CITY, I was loving every second of it... if only I could share with you all the cock sucking jokes that went flying. I'll do my best...

Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Zack Snyder, and Frank Miller

  • The panels starts and Kevin Smith reads the disclaimer about members of the audience who may be under 18 and that he should watch his language... then he says he just came because he was looking to get his cock sucked.
  • STAR WARS was Snyders main inspiration to become a filmmaker himself.
  • Smith called THE WATCHMEN footage he saw early "f*cking dope" and that he wanted Snyder to show the movie to them already.
  • Apatow likes to show his movies with test audiences so he can gage how many times you can show a dick before people start walking out.
  • Smith goes with guts and doesn't do test screening... hence the release of JERSEY GIRL.
  • When asked about online comments about him, Apatow says he generally doesn't care what someone who's online name is "Danny Glover Dick Blower" has to say about him.
  • Smith says that after he sees THE WATCHMEN, he can die the next day and his life will be fulfilled.

  • Smith is so excited for WATCHMEN that he asked Snyder to reenact it for crowd... Snyder declined.
  • Snyder listens to what online fans has to say--he wants to know what their thoughts are on how to make something like 300 and THE WATCHMEN.
  • Smith gets GoogleAlerts on his name because he cares so much about what the online community thinks of him--he now knows more about the Kevin Smith who works for the Illinois Public Utilities than he ever wants to know.
  • Snyder says he knows all about the Zack Snyder in Wisconsin because of the GoogleAlerts.
  • Miller could give a f*ck what people on the internet say about him.
  • Smith thanks Quentin Tarantino for making geek culture cool again and here to stay.
  • Smith gave Snyder fanboy love before the show because he's so stoked for THE WATCHMEN.
  • Snyder got all fanboy on Harrison Ford once, telling him that he has a life-size Han Solo frozen in carbonate in his living room. Ford really wished he hadn't told him that.
  • Smith says Seth Rogen is one of the most brilliant ad libbers in the movies today--almost everything he ad libs is not only funny, but usable in the final picture.

  • Snyder says he'll never make a PG movie--he just wouldn't know how. If he were to make a cartoon, he'd probably try and see how to decapitate one of the fury little animals in it.
  • Apatow thinks the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake that Snyder made is one of the coolest f*cking movies he's ever seen.
  • Spike Lee inspired Smith to make movies, Cameron Crowe inspired Apatow, and Snyder was inspired... by Star Wars.
  • Snyder talked about the animated spin-off the Pirate storyline in THE WATCHMEN, which will be hitting DVD separately, and in THE ULTIMATE DVD EDITION of THE WATCHMEN DVD when it comes out.
  • Apatow ensures us that we'll never see him in front of the camera because he simply can't act. He sucks at it.
  • Smith says we won't be seeing him in front of the camera for a while either, mostly because of how fat he's gotten over the last few years.

  • Smith wished SUPERMAN RETURNS was a lot gayer than it was--he's actually a big fan of Bryan Singer, and would like to see what he has planned for the next SUPERMAN movie.
  • While the other directors were for straight to internet movies, Snyder was the only advocate for seeing movies on the big screen.
  • Apatow's wife is f*cking hot.

    I laughed and laughed some more through this entire panel. For one thing, Smith, Apatow, and Snyder all played off each other well and all took shots at each other. Have a dick in your mouth for any reason is funny, and these guys know it. It was also fun to see how spaced out and out of it Miller was through the whole thing, who acted like he shouldn't even be there, and didn't seem to listen to what questions were asked of him. It was actually pretty funny, intentional or not... and probably a good thing they weren't all jabbing their jaws the whole time.

    Smith and Apatow, trading cock jokes.

    If all of these directors ever collaborated on one project, be that through writing, producing, and directing, it may be the coolest and funniest f*cking movie ever made. Considering the chemistry they seemed to share on stage, I don't think that thought is too far off... it's only a matter of time...

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