Conan gets Ron Perlman and G.I. Joe's Breaker

Although Mickey Rourke won't be playing Conan's dad after all, another grizzled genre veteran will supply his cinematic seed to sire the infamous swordsman of Hyboria.

Ron Perlman will play Corin, the father of Conan in Marcus Nispel's relaunch of Robert E. Howard's classic pulp character. Perlman will presumably get more to do than William Smith in John Milius' 1982 original.

Also joining the cast is Said Taghmaoui (THREE KINGS, THE GOOD THIEF, "Lost") as a leader of thieves who is saved by Conan and later offers him aid. Taghmaoui joins his G.I. JOE co-star, the thermonuclear Rachel Nichols.

So far the big question mark (aside from the endlessly rewritten script) is the casting of Jason Momoa as the titular barbarian. But the rest of the cast, including AVATAR baddie Stephen Lang as "a ruler in search of a queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of a long-lost god", is looking sharp. And hot:

Extra Tidbit: Perlman is already familiar with the Cimmerian -- he voiced him in the 2007 console game and in the animated CONAN: RED NAILS.
Source: VultureHeat Vision



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