Conan O'Brien is a perfect Dwayne Johnson stunt double in new video

When you’re watching Dwayne Johnson driving fast cars, getting into fights and shooting massive guns, you may as well be watching Conan O'Brien doing the same things. The two are basically one and the same person from head to toe, especially in the body department. This is just a fact. Well, now the two are putting their likeness to good use, as O’Brien used his show to become Johnson’s new stunt double for his new movie – RAMPAGE. O’Brien is thrown around the room in the exact same fashion Johnson would be, and the similarities are uncanny. It’s hard to tell where Johnson ends and the red hair begins.

As well, O’Brien throws out some serious movie ideas featuring the duo, including “Zamboni Drift,” “Pump N’ Dump,” and the Simon and Garfunkel biopic, “Troubled Water.” But, really, O’Brien is much better suited as a stunt double. I mean, putting them both in a movie together is basically like casting the same person, and if they’re going to do that, it may as well be in a remake of THE PARENT TRAP.

RAMPAGE hits theaters April 13. 

Source: Conan



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