Confirmed! James Gunn is directing Guardians of the Galaxy

Once Joss Whedon threw his support behind James Gunn's vision of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, it seemed a foregone inevitability that he would be the choice to direct the film. Now, we have confirmation that Gunn will carry both writing and directing duties on the upcoming Marvel movie.

Taking to his own Facebook page, Gunn posted the following just 15 minutes ago:

For a month or so there’s been a lot of Internet speculation about my involvement with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Until now I haven’t said anything, because I’m trying to be less expulsive about this project than I am about the rest of my life. But last night I got the go-ahead from Kevin Feige to let you all know that, yes, indeed, I am rewriting and directing Guardians of the Galaxy. As a lifelong lover of Marvel comics, space epics, AND raccoons, this is the movie I’ve been waiting to make since I was nine years old. Kevin, Joss, and all the folks at Marvel have been amazing collaborators so far, and we’re committed to bringing you something majestic, beautiful, and unique. I am incredibly excited. I am also incredibly grateful to the fans and the press for all their words of encouragement and support regarding my involvement with this project since the news first leaked. Thanks – you have, honestly, touched and overwhelmed me. And that’s it for now. Other than the occasional photos of my dog and cat here on Facebook, I’ll talk to you again in August 2014 when Guardians is released!

While it remains to be seen if Gunn can take one of the more difficult Marvel stories to the big screen, this certainly seems like a leap in the right direction. It is apparent that Marvel have decided to streamline their cinematic focus to be in line with Joss Whedon's take on THE AVENGERS. As you know, I was not a big fan of that movie, but I hope that Whedon and Gunn can change my mind with the Phase Two films.

What do you think of this official announcement? Do you think Gunn is up to the task?

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