Contrary to earlier reports, Johnny Knoxville not in Three Stooges

Back on March 10, it was reported that Johnny Knoxville would be starring in THE THREE STOOGES. Knoxville had been rumored for the part for weeks but Variety was now claiming that an offer was made and Knoxville was ready to accept. Except an offer was never made and both THREE STOOGES directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Knoxville have moved on.

So where did the confusion come from? There was some mutual interest between the two parties but there were never any negotiations on Knoxville's joining the production. In fact, Knoxville is expected to choose from one of two projects in development at Paramount - MUSTACHE RIDERS, with Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, and FIRST MAN with CEREMONY director Max Winkler.

So just as the THREE STOOGES cast looked to be solidifying, we're now back to square one and they don't seem to have anyone seriously involved. (Unless, and this is pure speculation, a higher caliber actor became interested/involved and the Farrellys quietly let Knoxville on his way without making an offer.)

Are you disappointed that Knoxville won't be in THREE STOOGES or do you think it would've been perfect casting?

Source: THR



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