Controversial film critic Armond White accuses members of the New York Film Critics Circle of racism

If you know anything about film critic Armond White, then you know that he is a notorious contrarian and essentially Hollywood's equivalent of an online troll. The guy has infamously panned critic and audience darlings such as TOY STORY 3 and INCEPTION, while claiming to love garbage such as GROWN UPS and JONAH HEX. Truth is, I don't know how any of that can be taken seriously.

What does seem more serious, however, are recent accusations by White that members of the New York Film Critics Circle are racists, particularly Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwartzbaum and Village Voice's J. Hoberman. The comments from White come as part of an interview conducted on Sirius XM's Ron Bennington Interviews. The full interview will air at 2pm this Sunday, but a portion of video from the show has already been released which you can check out below (as well as a written transcript, courtesy of /Film):

ARMOND WHITE: I’m not paranoid about this: Hoberman and Schwarzbaum don’t like me. And really, I don’t talk about these things in public. I talk about them now because they made it public. It was never my wish to make them public. You know, there are a lot of people who don’t like me and there are a lot of people I don’t like. I don’t talk about that in public, especially if they’re members of The New York Film Critics Circle. I respect the circle. I respect that institution and I keep my private thoughts about the members private. But, they didn’t do that…they attempted to smear my reputation. And I figured I’ve got no recourse then except to defend myself. And the truth is my only defense. And part of that truth is that they just don’t like me. And I do think that part of that not liking me is that I’m the only black man in the room.

RON BENNINGTON: So you really think it comes down to racism? After all these years, we’re still at that point?

AW: Sad to say, and everybody knows it. Everybody knows it. I’m not the only one and it’s not new.

RB: So everyone knows that those two people are racist?

AW: Now they know, now they know. Because the only way—one thing I regret about this profession is that […] we critics don’t talk among each other. We don’t debate, we don’t discuss. And instead, what Hoberman and Schwarzbaum have done is that, instead of having a discussion, they told a lie. And they told a lie, I think, out of personal motivation.

White then seems to go back on what he stated earlier about "respecting the circle" and says the following (which you can see in the second video below):

"You’ve got to consider, The New York Film Critics Circle has been around for 76 years and in its entire history there have only been two black people in it? And I’m one of them? And I’ve got enemies, not because of anything I’ve done to someone, but simply because I’m there."

Extra Tidbit: In the same interview, White also calls out director Darren Aronofsky and Gawker Media. You can check that segment out RIGHT HERE.
Source: /Film



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