Cool concept art for John Carter features ships, creatures, and armor

Some cool concept art has popped up online for JOHN CARTER with a peek at some of the ships, landscapes, creatures, aliens, armor, and outfits. I always enjoy seeing the designs for projects like this, which highlight the process of concept to reality. It's always cool to see how things developed based on the original idea, oftentimes showing some designs that didn't quite make it.

JOHN CARTER seems to be struggling to pick up steam from a lot of people, but I'm sold, as I've said before. Director Andrew Stanton is a proven filmmaker, even if it's his first live-action film, and I think he's got the pulse of this film. I could always be proven wrong, but I have faith that this is gonna be a really cool flick.

We'll find out on March 9th, 2012. Until then, check out the images below and look for the 30-second Super Bowl spot on Sunday.

Extra Tidbit: Robert Rodriguez and John Favreau are two directors once set to direct an adaptation of t
Source: Itsartmag



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