Cool Internet Finds: Movie posters with one letter removed and a mondo style poster for Independence Day

In our attempts to branch out of our shell, I will be taking it upon myself to find cool stuff from the far corners of the interweb. I will try my best a few times a week to bring you cool gadgetry, toys (of a nonsexual nature), posters, photos, memes, and pretty much anything else I think you guys might enjoy. If you find something that you think everyone in the class would be mildly impressed with please feel free to send me your finds at [email protected].

That aside, I bring you a batch of movie posters that have one letter from the title removed. I had a good laugh at these. They might seem silly, but I really wouldn't mind owning the Jurassic Ark one. You know you want to come up with one of your own...go ahead...we'll wait. I would give credit to the artist if I could find the original source. Whoever did it has greatly amused me for the evening.

This next poster was made by Redditor SaturnH, who said he was too poor to buy a Mondo poster so he made his own for INDEPENDENCE DAY. It's pretty awesome. I wish "Welcome to Earth" was on it somewhere. Maybe Mondo will do a print for this guy in exchange for some posters he likes, or money...everyone likes money. I think this poster is pretty money. Check it out below.

Source: RedditReddit



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