Cool Videos: 18 year old Edgar Wright discussing his short film on British TV

Many of us think of Edgar Wright as the man responsible for the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost classics SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ, or the great BBC series SPACED, or even SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. While I am anticipating both THE WORLD'S END as well as his take on Marvel's ANT-MAN, Edgar Wright is a lot like all of us: a movie fan. While his dreams came true, they started in the same place many of us have been before. And that is a young kid with a video camera and an idea.

Wright shared via his own YouTube page this clip from the British show "Gimme 5" showcases a teenaged Wright discussing his budding film career. He also shares a short film called "Help" that has all the hallmarks of what his future films would look like. It is very cool to see someone whom we idolize back before they hit the big time. It also goes to show that talent starts somewhere. The short film is not the most well edited movie, but it was a start that Edgar Wright kept pursuing.

Source: IndieWire



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