Cool Videos: A history of conspicuous product placement

Product placement is plaguing our movies at an increasing rate these days, but you may not know the process dates back all the way to 1919 and has been used pretty consistently ever since.

FilmDrunk has made this rather informative video collage of product placement over the years, from it's subtle beginnings to the million Spielberg got for making chocolate a central plot point in ET, all the way to today where Michael Bay's movies are almost entirely financed by branding. In TF2 he won the "whore award" for showing 47 logos onscreen throughout the course of the film. I knew there was a reason it was two and a half hours long.

Check it out below, and then just try to ignore it in future films. Although I am curious to see if Bay can beat his own record in THE DARK OF THE MOON.

Extra Tidbit: Do all the licensed toys in TOY STORY count as product placement?
Source: FilmDrunk



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