Cool Videos: A Live-Action Voltron Short Film

VOLTRON is one of the projects that never really seems like it's going to get made, despite ambitious pitches and concept art and the like. Whether or not we’ll see an actual film from the series is unknown, but one amateur filmmaker, Alex Albrecht, got tired of waiting, and decided to make his own.

Voltron – The End tells the story of a Voltron pilot trapped in his downed Red Lion, where he finds he only has a few minutes to live. It’s quite well done, and has a leg up on most fan films as it has an actual actor in the lead role. It’s Tim Omundson, who you might not recognize by name, but you will certainly know if you watch Psych.

It’s a cool little short, and one that shows there is feature film potential in this series if handled correctly (read: not by Michael Bay). Check it out for yourself below.

Extra Tidbit: Hey, if the Mortal Kombat web series can get a movie, why can't this?
Source: YouTube



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