Cool Videos: A look back at every film to win the Best Visual Effects Oscar

Sure, the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects may not be quite as flashy or impressive as Best Picture, Best Director, and the other big ones, but when you compile footage from every film to win the award in the over eighty years of Oscar's existence, you get a rather interesting look at how visual effects have evolved. The folks over at Burger Fiction have put together a super-cut of each and every film to ever win the Best Visual Effects Oscar, starting with WINGS (1927) and going all the way up to INTERSTELLAR (2014).

Check it out!

The contender's for the Best Visual Effects Award at the upcoming 88th Academy Awards include Mark Williams Ardington, Sara Bennett, Paul Norris, and Andrew Whitehurst (EX MACHINA), Andrew Jackson, Dan Oliver, Andy Williams, and Tom Wood (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD), Anders Langlands, Chris Lawrence, Richard Stammers, and Steven Warner (THE MARTIAN), Richard McBride, Matt Shumway, Jason Smith, and Cameron Waldbauer (THE REVENANT), and Chris Corbould, Roger Guyett, Paul Kavanagh, and Neal Scanlan (STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS). Speaking of the Oscars, don't forget to enter JoBlo's 16th Annual Oscar Prediction Contest! In addition to bragging rights should you win, you'll also walk away with some cold hard cash. Score.

Source: Burger Fiction



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