Cool Videos: A supercut of the romantic side of superhero movies

Every great superhero has an arch-nemesis that provides a foil for dramatic stories and tension. Those villains tend to rely heavily on hitting the heroes where it hurts most. More often than not, that would be the hero's love interest. I bet if I were to list off superhero names, you would immediately know girl/boy who they are romantically involved with.

Take THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, for example. While the movie had flaws, one thing that worked well was the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Marc Webb played up the natural chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone which lent us the best romantic relationship in any superhero movie to date. But, that is not to say we have not seen some great duos so far.

This supercut, courtesy of Exophrine, brings together some of the most memorable of these relationships. See how many you can name. Click here for the full list of clips in this video.

Source: Exophrine



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