Cool Videos: A Transformers birthday cake that puts all others to shame


For my birthday, I usually put in a request for a classic Carvel ice cream cake. It's tasty. It's delicious. It has crunchies. You know what kind of goodness I'm talking about.

And, for all the years of my life, I've been satisfied with such simplicity...

Until today, the day that will live forever in infamy as the time when my crunchies were made to look like shit, because they can't transform into Optimus Prime.

Somewhere out in the world, a young boy got such a cake for his 6th birthday, as his parents went above and way beyond their duty in order to grace him with this culinary take on a robot in disguise.

I can only think that this extra effort went unappreciated at the moment, because everyone in attendance surely wants cake, and they've got to cut that bad boy up in order to make everyone happy. But, from afar, where I didn't have to destroy this little piece of geek magnificence, I salute the people who thought it best to turn their dessert into a piece of machinery for a child's birthday party.

Now what the hell do they do for next year?

Source: YouTube



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