Cool Videos: Adaptation and theme park rides

So this is neat. While there are critical analyses about pretty much any subject (in fact, my alma mater UCSB had a critical studies class on porn, which yes I of course took), there hasn't been that sort of critical look into theme park rides. Not just on an engineering stand-point, but also the ways in which certain rides tell stories - especially pre-existing ones (ala TRANSFORMERS or BACK TO THE FUTURE).

And since this is a film site, and not a theme park site, the video below talks extensively about rides based on films, and also the art of adaptation (which most films, especially now, are). It is hosted by Chris Nebergall (a fellow UCSB alumni), who also works as "Festus the Bandit" at the revolutionary "Ghost Town Alive" experience at Knott's Berry Farm, which is the inspiration for the guest interactions expected to happen at Star Wars Land in Disneyland.

So, without further ado, here's an episode of REMAIN SEATED WITH CHRIS NEBERGALL about "Adaptation and the Fantasyland Dark Rides". Enjoy:

Meanwhile, you can catch more episodes on the REMAIN SEATED YouTube channel HERE.

Extra Tidbit: So what's your guys' favorite movie ride? Mine's still the old BACK TO THE FUTURE ride (R.I.P.)
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