Cool Videos: Agent Smith has found software that intrigues him in this commercial for GE

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Who knew that innovative software for a hospital could sound so sinister?

There's a new commercial from GE that is about the upgrades that have been done to their medical hardware that is sold to hospitals and it has none other than Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith talking about the benefits of the new technology. Of course Agent Smith loves the idea of connecting people and machines better. Sure it's an agent of good, but Agent Smith still approves.

It rubs people the wrong way sometimes when there are commercials like this that take a famous character and use it to sell a product/company but if the advertisement is funny enough I'll usually enjoy them. It's not like I'm going to run out and start buying GE products just because I like the commercial. Others may bitch that it's marketing at its worse (and maybe it is) but I enjoy geek references like these in commercials and they wouldn't exist if someone hadn't thought it up. Even if that person is (as Bill Hicks would say about someone that has a job in marketing) "Satan’s spawn filling the world with bile and garbage."

Red or blue?

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