Cool Videos: Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is reimagined as IKEA in this funny trailer

Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY is nearing $500 million in worldwide gross making it not only a huge success for intelligent science fiction films as wise business choices but also a top contender for all sorts of awards this season. But, it also means the movie is going to be spoofed in every conceivable way. One such spoof is the hilarious trailer for IKEA.

Anyone who has been to IKEA knows that it is as desolate and dangerous a place as outer space, maybe even more. Okay, while that may be an exaggeration, having lost entire weekends inside the mammoth stores looking for bizarrely named Scandinavian furniture and gorging on delicious meatballs I can relate to this video. Using the same music and some key moments from the GRAVITY trailer, IKEA is both a funny video and a nice tribute to Cuaron's film.

Cuaron can have his pick of any mainstream film now that GRAVITY is a smash hit, but I hope he goes back and makes something wholly unique that none of us will expect.

Source: IndieWire



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