Cool Videos: An exclusive compilation of superhero trailers (2017-2018)!

Superhero movies, at this point, are an entire genre unto themselves. While we've never gone long without a superhero in cinemas since the advent of the serials, it's only been recently that we've been inundated with so many superhero movies. Not only that, but they're cross-pollinating genres (like the political thriller aspects of WINTER SOLDIER or the space opera aspects of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, or even the war movie aspects of WONDER WOMAN). So, with all that in mind, JoBlo has started a whole new channel dedicated to superhero movies, shows, and cartoons to keep up with the demand!

And to help commensurate this occasion, is a compilation video made by our very own Nick Bosworth, showing ALL the superhero trailers released in the last year. Enjoy!

So what's your guys' favorite superhero trailer? Sound off below!

And you can check the JoBlo Superhero YouTube channel HERE.

Extra Tidbit: WONDER WOMAN is probably my favorite trailer in the last year. It really gave me hope when I had given up on the DCEU (which luckily delivered).
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