Cool Videos: Anchorman's Champ Kind gets sued in The People's Court by Dorothy Mantooth

ANCHORMAN fans may remember the scene from the original movie when David Koechner's Champ Kind insulted Wes Mantooth (Vince Vaughn) by saying he would take Wes' mother, Dorothy, out of a nice seafood dinner and never call her back. Now, we all know that Dorothy Mantooth is a saint, but we never found out if Champ actually followed through on the threat. Now we do.

This new video from Funny or Die is an excerpt from an episode of "The People's Court" where Dorothy Mantooth sues Champ for the trauma incurred from that delicious meal. Now, I personally believe Champ here and not just because he is a famous friend of Ron Burgundy but rather because of his compelling argument that he sleeps with two women a month and never calls them back either. A man cannot be held liable for his primal needs.

But, judge for yourself and see how Judge Wopner ruled in the video below. ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES is now playing.

Cloris Leachman, Pam Murphy, Mike Leffingwell, Jack Allison, Juliet Seniff, and Payman Benz">The People's Court: Champ Kind vs. Dorothy Mantooth from Funny Or Die
Source: Funny or Die



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