Cool Videos: Animated horror-western short film The Backwater Gospel

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Need something to darken your day in the very best kind of way?

The horror and western genres lend themselves exceedingly well to a vibrant and exciting sort of blend, and so I was pleased indeed to discover this little gem by The Animation Workshop.  The Animation Workshop is an animation school based out of Denmark, and this film was done as a project for a bachelor's degree back in 2011.  But as it's still on the web, and is not just "cool" but extremely cool, I'm now running it here. 

Backwater Gospel still

According to the version of the video found here some publishing folks were talking to the director back in 2011 about doing a feature length expansion of the story, but to my knowledge nothing necessarily fruitful has yet come of said talks.  Could you be the one to make a difference?

Murder, fanaticism, death (which is generally a result of murder), fate, more murder, a new and fascinating animation style, very violent murder in particular - what's not to like?

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