Cool Videos: Animated short Borrowed Time will take your breath away

Animation is a tremendous art form that can be used to bring the world to life in ways no other medium is capable. Though in America it’s used to make content for children and families that challenge live-action features at the box office, it can be used to tell searing adult stories that connect to the core of the human soul. Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj know this, so in their spare time away from working on movies like INSIDE OUT they’ve been working on an animated short called BORROWED TIME. The story is as adult as it gets, focusing on a world-worn sheriff who feels guilty about the events of his past. With music from Oscar-winner Gustavo Santaolalla (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, BABEL and the game THE LAST OF US), this haunting, intense, gut-wrenching short is an example of how the medium can be used to convey adult emotions with characters going through inner turmoil. The film has been honored with numerous awards, including Grand Jury Prize at the Nashville Film Festival and Best in Show at Siggraph (via Variety), so it's one to keep an eye out for this Oscar season. Watch for yourself below and head on over to Vimeo to see a featurette for the film!

Source: Vimeo



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