Cool Videos: Anne Hathaway as Claire Danes in Homeland for SNL

Okay, I've never seen Showtime's Homeland series, but have been planning to watch it for some time, based on all the buzz surrounding it, including a healthy collection of Emmy wins, including best drama, actor, and actress for Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.  Danes has always had a kind of erratic energy and playing a bipolar CIA agent really gives her the opportunity to stretch the crazy, or so it appears.

Again, I've only seen promos and never a full episode, so I can't speak to how accurate this is, but even having not seen the show, Anne Hathaway is hilarious in this bit and I keep picturing Danes at home, watching SNL and kind of half-laughing until turning to a scowl, uttering the words, "That bitch..." 

I only have the Hulu embed, which doesn't work for the international viewers.  If a universal link pops up, I'll plug it in (or if someone finds one first, feel free to link below). 


Season 2 of Homeland is currently running on Showtime and Anne Hathaway can next be seen on the big screen in LES MISERABLES, opening on December 25, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I would love to see Anne and Claire run into each other after this...
Source: Hulu



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