Cool Videos: Another installment of the CGI smackdown of Superman vs. Hulk!

The first two parts of the CGI smackdown of Superman vs. Hulk were an impressive batch of fun, fueling the debate of superhero face off's, particularly when matching up characters from different companies. The animators have recreated the Christopher Reeve version of the MAN OF STEEL, while mixing up the Hulk with a variation of the Lou Ferigno version and the modern-day incarnations, making for a nostalgic beatdown of epic proportions.

The animation itself is crude in some respects, but mostly impressive with a particularly brutal showdown between the two superpowered beings. Hulk barrage's Superman so violently at the beginning of the clip that it almost puts the mass carnage in MAN OF STEEL to shame and there's even a familiar bash from THE AVENGERS tossed in there for good measure. Overall, this is just a fun CGI match that absolutely gets an "A" for effort.

Hulk smash MAN OF STEEL!:

Extra Tidbit: What Marvel/DC throwdown would you most like to see on the big screen?
Source: Mike Habjan



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