Cool Videos: Are you a Dredd fan hoping for a sequel? Check out this fan made masterpiece!

DREDD 3D was one of the highlights of 2012 for me. It was fun, violent, and action-packed. Despite not gaining nearly the support from movie-goers that it deserved, there was still hope for a while that it may have done well enough to warrant a sequel. But, that dream was dashed last month by producer Adi Shankar.

So, while DREDD 2 may never happen, we can still be happy that fans are willing to suit up and film quality work for us to enjoy on the internet.  A talented group of DREDD fans got together to make this amazingly high quality 30 minute movie, JUDGE MINTY.  The story exists in the world of DREDD but tells a different kind of story.

Sit back and enjoy JUDGE MINTY and maybe the filmmakers will be able to entice some funding for further MegaCity One adventures.

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Source: Bleeding Cool



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