Cool Videos: Artoo in Love, a Star Wars fan-film with no droid pornography

If you're looking for some steamy droid-on-droid action, you'll have to look elsewhere. I'm not sure why I even have to say that but...hell, people are into all sorts of strange stuff...myself included. ARTOO IN LOVE is a short and rather adorable fan-film from Evan Atherton which follows everyone's favourite droid as he attempts to find love in the city. Check it out, I mean...bleep boop beep.

Evan Atherton spent two years slowly putting this film together in collaboration with the R2-D2 Builders' Club, which is a global group of Star Wars fans who craft some of the most authentic looking recreations of the little droid. Atherton also works as an engineer and designer at Autodesk where he used their 3D printers to actually print some of the props featured in the film. Very cool. This really makes me wish I had my own life-sized R2-D2 at home. Ah who am I kidding, after a month I'd probably forget to feed him and the floor would be covered in newspapers. Those R2 units may look small but when they have to go...they go everywhere.

ARTOO IN LOVE debuted on March 28 at the Sonoma Film Festival.

Source: Youtube



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