Cool Videos: Awesome mash-up of The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Shining

It is amazing just how alike Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick are as filmmakers. While there may not be many correlations, thematically, between BARRY LYNDON and EYES WIDE SHUT compared to THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and RUSHMORE, from a technical standpoint these two directors have shown a lot of commonalities between their style, approach, and composition on screen. There is not better example to compare the two then their films set in hotels.

Steve Ramsden noticed a lot of similarities between THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and THE SHINING which prompted him to combine the two. His recently shared video on YouTube seamlessly blends the comedy and horror movies into THE GRAND OVERLOOK HOTEL. Scenes segue beautifully between one another, as does the aspect ratio, delivering a movie that I would pay money to see on the big screen.

While Wes Anderson has a lot of movies yet to make, we will never know what else Kubrick had up his sleeve. But, as long as movie fans have fun like this, we can always imagine what could have been.

Source: YouTube



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