Cool Videos: Batman just won't leave Commissioner Gordon alone

It hasn't been the best season for "Saturday Night Live." Despite having a number of bonafide movie stars on their roster - Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg - the show has struggled to find its footing. It's in that weird limbo period where they know that the majority of the major players are on their way out and they're developing new cast members; only those new cast members haven't fully developed yet.

And let's be fair - the hosts haven't helped either. With the exception of Melissa McCarthy and Jason Segel, this season has been full of duds. Mainstays like Ben Stiller and Alec Baldwin should've added some pep but their shows were mostly lifeless. This weekend, however, was a welcome surprise, due in large part to host Steve Buscemi. The writers exploited his "creepy" look for a few sketches and the Digital Short guys recast him as Commissioner Gordon in their "Batman" skit.

Here, Batman gets a little intrusive when popping up to inform Gordon that villains are taking over Gotham. Check out the new clip below...



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