Cool Videos: Benedict Cumberbatch solves a mystery on Sesame Street

Benedict Cumberbatch's star has been rising thanks to the BBC series SHERLOCK as well as his performance in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, but he still hasn't reached quite the pinnacle of stardom that comes with an appearance on SESAME STREET.

In this new clip from the upcoming appearance on the iconic television series, Cumberbatch meets his new nemesis Murray-arty (get it?) and is given the challenge of solving a mystery involving apples and oranges. Without Watson (Martin Freeman), Cumberbatch has to call in reinforcements from The Count himself. Cumberbatch is charming, as usual, and definitely enjoys his time playing with the Muppet characters. As usual, SESAME STREET nails it.

Cumberbatch is definitely on the rise as one of the best actors working today. Check out his recent work in 12 YEARS A SLAVE, THE FIFTH ESTATE, and THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG to see just how varied his abilities are. The guy is a damn chameleon and I guarantee he is going to win an Oscar someday.

Check out the great SHERLOCK inspired clip below.

Source: YouTube



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