Cool Videos: Between Two Ferns with Sean Penn and Zach's twin brother, Seth Galifianakis

I wanted to start my shift off with the right way, with a little humor from Zach, err...I mean, Seth Galifianakis.

In this installment of Between Two Ferns, Zach's twin brother Seth takes over for him and interviews Sean Penn. Even though this stuff is staged, Penn has a good way of making you feel beyond uncomfortable. He's been known to cause a ruckus, so you're basically waiting for him to reach over at punch Seth.

If you haven't seen Seth before, you'll notice that he likes the simple pleasures of life like Six Flags, dogs in hats, and going out to eat. Those pleasures make for a hilariously tense interview.

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Extra Tidbit: Seth also likes George Lopez. (P.S. He doesn't really have a twin brother. Just in case you somehow got confused...)
Source: Funny or Die



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