Cool Videos: Blade Runner as an 8-bit video game!

Cool Videos

Ok, so there was a real 8-bit video game for BLADE RUNNER released back in 1985, but this version from CineFix looks much, much better. It contains all the things needed for a successful video game version of BLADE RUNNER: Deckard, replicants and noodles. What more could you ask for? Oh, Sean Young? She's in it too and don't worry: she's still on her meds. For now, anyway.

So go ahead and check out 8-bit BLADE RUNNER, and imagine how excited the younger version of you would have been if this was released around the same time as the movie. Wait, you weren't born until a decade after BLADE RUNNER? F*ck, I'm getting old...

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Extra Tidbit: Although the 1985 Blade Runner game is crappy, the one from 1997 for PC was actually pretty good.
Source: CineFix



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